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Shipping of Artwork

Earlier this year, two major shipping companies expanded their use of Dimensional Weight Pricing. Due to the "Dimensional Weight" of artwork, which is where the widthlength + depth of the package is combined with the weight, it's possible that the calculations can outweigh the weight. When you combine those factors with your shipping address - and whether or not it's a residence or business - it becomes a very difficult task to predict what the total shipping charges will be. 

Accordingly, the fairest and most accurate way to give you a shipping price is to quote you specifically for your order.  You can then handle the shipping charges in one of two ways:

 Delivery Man1. Once you make your purchase from this website via PayPal, I will be able to get a shipping estimate (cost/time) and send you an additional PayPal invoice for the balance. 

2. You can Contact Me via email or phone and let me know what you would like to purchase. I will then get the shipping information and send you a PayPal invoice for the total amount.  In this way you can pay the total on one invoice. 

Note: Matted Prints from 8"x10" up to 20"x20" are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Sales tax of 9% will apply to California shipments. 


 Luggage Tags


If you've made it this far, you deserve a little something. With any order use the coupon code "VOYAGE" at checkout to receive a FREE pair of luggage tags. The image is "Through My Window - Sea Gull" by Bettie Grace Miner. 

This offer is valid until 12/31/2015 while supplies last.

"Each day provides its own gifts."

Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome & my 51st Great Grandfather.  (Yes, really.)

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