Food, Flowers & More

Medium: Digital Painting Created by Hand. 

Some of these images are available for sale as: 

Hand-Embellished Archival Pigment Prints on Archival Paper or Canvas. 

Each is Hand Signed & Numbered by the Artist.

If you have an interest in purchasing prints or licensing, Please Inquire.

Bowl of Apples

Sweet Peppers

Laurie’s Pears




Basket of Vegetables


Tulips Diptych 1

Tulips Diptych 2

Wild Lavender Diptych 1

Wild Lavender Diptych 1

Wild Lavender

Field of Sunflowers

Field of Sunflowers Diptych 1

Field of Sunflowers Diptych 2

Pretty Poppies

Pretty Poppies

Diptych 1

Pretty Poppies

Diptych 2

Pretty Poppies

Diptych 3

Sunny Window 1

Sunny Window 2

Tuscan Balcony

Tuscan Villa

Garden Path

Poinsettia Sleigh

Chieli’s Flowers

Hungry Eyes (Sam)

Hungry Eyes (Sam)


Parasol Party

 Parasol Party 1

 Parasol Party 2

 Parasol Party 3

 Parasol Party 4

 Parasol Party 5

 Parasol Party 6

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