Through My Window

“Through My Window” is an art collection that allows the viewer a peek into the artist’s 

imagination and daydreams. The imagery is from the viewpoint of someone who may not 

be able to go outside but is able to look out of their imaginary window to see things, people, activities 

and places that they long for. It’s about love, freedom, desire, loneliness, memories, dreams and what 

might have been. But instead of feeling sadness or self-pity, they have a magic window to the world 

that opens to imaginary places and scenarios where anything is possible. 

Everything you see is just on the other side of the window. 

Just out of reach but never out of mind or heart.


Lifeguard Station

Beach Umbrella


First Day at the Beach


Day at the Beach

with Friends

Ferris Wheel

Sunset Sailing

Hot Air Balloon

Looking In

Dream Wave

Blue Palm Tree

Yellow Palm Tree

Beach Day 1

Beach Day 2

Flowers by the Boardwalk 1

Flowers by the Boardwalk 2


Sea Gull

Soaring Eagle



Flying High 1

Flying High 2

Sea Birds 1

Sea Birds 2

Star Fish & Shells 1

Star Fish & Shells 2

Star Fish & Shells 3

Star Fish & Shells 4

Medium: Each piece in the collection begins with photography, digital collage and painting, and is then 

combined with acrylic mediums and paints on canvas. Also added is a variety of 3-D objects such as 

genuine Swarovski Crystals, Silver coated German Glass Glitter; Glass Beads; Sea Glass, 

Sand and other mixed media embellishments

They are available for sale as: Heavily Hand-Embellished, Signed & Numbered 

Archival Pigment Prints on Canvas or Paper in Custom Sizes.

Many of these pieces are available size 32”x40” in black floater frame.

Images are also available for licensing.

Copyright © 1994-2021 Bettie Grace Miner All rights reserved.